UNESCO presented a report  to the 3rd World Water Forum in Kyoto Japan March 2003.  They evaluated the situation in 122 countries regarding the quality of water and according to it, the best water in the world is found in Finland.   We could not agree more.
Nord Water was born out of the expertise of over 100 years of service to the people of Southern Finland. Nord Water took that experience, purchased top quality European machinery, and opened a facility bottling  6,000 bottles per hour in 2003 in the Heart of Helsinki.   By 2009 Nord Water’s owner moved the entire facility to the edge of a conifer forest in  Lohja, Finland. At it’s new location Nord Water has been able to double its output to become the fastest growing exporter of Finnish water to the world! The spring water  we  bottle now is the heart and soul of  our new operation. Based in Lohja, Finland, Nord Water now has access to one of the finest and cleanest spring water resources on the planet: along the Lohja ridge of Southern Finland.
When you drink crystal-clear Nord Water, you are purifying & replenishing your body the way nature intended; with clean, fresh, and pure spring water. To taste Nord Water Is to Taste Nature!

Water is essential to sustain life, access to pure & healthy drinking water brings tangible benefits to your health. In fact, water is the main component of the human body, which is anywhere from 55% for adults to around 75% in children and babies. It is clearly important that you revitalize and purify your body with the healthiest choice. Nord Water is the perfect solution for satisfying your thirst.

thum-imageThe functions of water in the human body are vital, and include:

  • Transporting nutrients of oxygen into cells.
  • Helping with metabolism.
  • Protecting our vital organs.
  • Helping our organs to better absorb nutrients.
  • Regulating body temperature.
  • Detoxifying the body.
  • Protecting & lubricating our joints.